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Covid-19 / Coronavirus
Our language school has been closed since Monday, 16 March 2020. Naturally, we want you to be able to continue learning German without losing any time. This is why we have been working hard in the last few weeks to keep our courses going. Starting today, 30.03.20 the majority of our courses will continue online. If you have any questions about online lessons, please contact your teachers or send us an email to onlinekurs@zdsk.de. Please understand that we cannot resume all courses at the moment; if your course is not yet being offered online, send us an email and we will try to find an alternative course for you.

How much does the online course cost?
In principle, just the same as the normal lessons. Our teachers will do their best to make their online lessons as interesting as face-to-face lessons. However, this is uncharted territory for us too - please be patient with us!

When and how often are the lessons taking place?
The courses will run during the normal course hours. In exceptional cases, students and their teachers will agree on an alternative time. Classes are 90 minutes a day. This means that in 2 weeks of online lessons, we recover around 1 week of normal lessons. 2 weeks of online lessons will therefore cost the same as one week. Your remaining credit will not be lost! You can use it for another course.

What do we learn in online lessons?
Online courses have the same content as our standard classes. We will continue according to the program.

Can I have a trial lesson?
Of course, you are welcome to join us for the week and see for yourself. If the online lessons are not for you - it costs nothing!

What do I need to learn online?
You need a computer, a laptop or smartphone and internet access. You should also install Zoom on your device (free of charge: https://zoom.us/download)

What if I can't study online?
No problem. Your money is not lost. As soon as the school can reopen, we will have to reorganise our classes. At that point, we should definitely be able to find a suitable class for you.

What about the telc examinations?
Unfortunately, we have to cancel all current exam dates. Examination fees that have already been paid will be refunded. As soon as new exam dates are fixed, we will announce them here.

What's next?
We are still working on improving our online teaching and offering more lessons. This offer is initially valid for the next 2 weeks.

Status: 30.03.2020

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